Breaking bubbles

by wonderfullyrich on February 24, 2009

Living in DC describes a bubble of existence, where one can spend years living here and forget what the rest of American really is and almost neglect to consider what the rest of the world’s fate is. So filled with power, money, paradigms of either or thought, enveloped in a artificially defined square which comes from swamp that was raised to provide temples to modern ideologies.

To easily we as humans lose ourselves in our daily life. The questions about dinner, the sexual attractiveness of one over another, the reasoning skills of a lobbyist over that of popular opinion, the complains about a bumpy road or traffic that seems built for road rage, the worry about money, the beauty of children–especially our own–and on and on. Life is what happens while you plan your next move, but it’s a bubble of one or two or a few.

With 6 billion humans on the planet right now, each is a unique bubble unto themselves, living inside a microcosm of prevailing thoughts, ideas, and perceptions interlinked in larger bubbles of social norms, cultural existences, and both artificial and natural boundaries of geography… Yet like soap bubbles in a sink, these bubbles are breaking, slowly but definitely into a smaller number of larger bubbles.

All to often I forget, the usefulness of diversity, it’s capacity for survivability. The modern technological culture that exists pervades a sense of order, standardization, uniformity. One where each modern person, no matter of background, can interact with another modern person and assume only minor amounts of miscommunication because of predefined standards and norms. I have thought, nay pursued, an existence where equalization of all is the best of all possible worlds, especially in a technological sense. The goal of having any device interact with another device, leveraging connectivity and interactivity to improve adaptability is a modern assumption of computer geeks world wide.

“Truth is stranger then fiction” is a quote that is a mere moniker of marketing these days, yet consider it’s implications. If the world is stranger then we could imagine, what impact does trading technological adaptability for social, cultural, and possibly genetic diversity mean?

I question my own role in this ethocide of diversity, my own acceptance of the modern marketing paradim, with stylish existences driven by human’s irrational tenancies only partially dominated by our rational existences. I live in a growing bubble that has not learned to constantly ask questions and embrace both the rational higher brain functions that humans are endowed with and the emotional and irrational instinctual ancestry that is the root of what makes us human.

We are unbalanced. A ying without a yang. Lost in our own bubble, lost in a belief of the now. We slide past other bubbles, touching them, sometimes breaking a wall into another bubble, with no view of all the bubbles. Some times a few bubbles stir and create new bubbles, but how long can we sustain these bubbles in a sink with only so much water?

I have no answers to the uncertainties of life, I ask questions and am faced with more questions. As a human I’m faced with learning from failure, adapting to survive and adjusting to my bubble. It is no surprise that we see only so far through our bubbles, into mirror room that grows opaque. It is no surprise that we choose the easier path of instincts, pleasurable emotions, and result in an ignorance that is only partial and not blissful.

Existence is not simple, easily defined by a single paradigm, easily explained by a single thought or single bubble. Controversy, conflict, and diversity stir bubbles and create more. Embracing differences, engaging in controversy, stepping away from a standard creates innovation, divergence, synthesizes a new branch of bubbles and protects against stagnation and collapse. No single existence is “right” or “wrong.”

As I consider my irrational clinging to my social norms of standardization, uniformity, and the beauty of order, I am faced with irreconcilable questions concerning our survival, an uncertain future bound by a world inside a bubble.

For more on thoughts on the striking impact of diversity, consider Wad Davis poetic talk on the endangered cultures of our world.

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