Clover coffee in DC

by wonderfullyrich on January 10, 2009

For those of you who haven’t heard about the pending revolution of brewed coffee coming to your Starbucks at some point soon, I thought I’d introduce you. Having not been a coffee lover for any over my life, this changed me. I know coffee is an acquired tasted, but after a sip of clover brewed coffee no acquisition is needed. It’s rich with flavor, more like wine then coffee at times given the delicate flavors it can bring out.

Clover is the name of the machine. It’s “VacuumPress” coffee, which is brewed a cup a time in less then 60 seconds. Temperature controlled water that just before boiling allows proper oxygenation of the water, coupled with the ability to dictate exactly how long the grounds are in contact with the water, which is then “Vacuum” sucked through a metal mesh filter and “Press” to your cup. These clover machines were, before Starbuck bought them, selling around $11,000 per machine (similar to an espresso machine). Needless to say you aren’t going to find these in small coffee shops nor your kitchen. (There is a long history of “Properly brewed coffee“) It’s a fascinating machine, I highly recommend examining the interior.

The coffee itself is generally “reasonably” priced at $2-3 dollars a cup depending on locations (I understand in NYC they’ve been charging 5-10 in some places). In any case i’ve become a fan. I found several in denver before I left, and here in DC I am seeking pots of coffee.

There are two in the area that I’ve found so far.

One inside DC:

Sova Coffee
1359 H St NE, Washington, DC 20002

One in Alexandria:

Grape and Bean
118 S Royal St, Alexandria, VA 22314

And one in Annapolis, which is hard to classify in DC given the lack of metro access, but I guess is still regionally associated:

Cafe Pronto
2329 Forest Dr, Annapolis, MD 21401

If you find others, feel free to add them to this map, or send me an email and let me know about them.

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