A Brave New World Quote… to ponder

by wonderfullyrich on November 18, 2008

A quote from Brave New World television movie from 1998.  (Yes, yes, the movie wasn’t at all like the book, but I think it can be valued for this quote alone.)

John Cooper: Why can’t everyone read shakesphere?

Mustapha Mond:    Anyone can, but why would they want to?  It wouldn’t mean anything too them. Our world isn’t shakesphere’s you know.  Great tragedy, all great art really grows out of passion, conflict, social instability, we don’t have any of that anymore. People are happy.

John Cooper: Happy at what cost?

Mustapha Mond:    The cost of art, religion, philosophy, love, science…

Bernard Marx:    Science?  But we’ve been condition to believe that science is everything.

Mustapha Mond:    Not true science, just technology that serves the public order.  Increase consumption… Prevent dissatisfaction.   You know, I was a pretty fair chemist when I was young.  And I developed an interest in pure research.  Well, I was very nearly re-engineered for it.  I was a lot like you bernard. I loved science, but I had a choice to make. I choose to sacrifice that.  To serve the public happiness and not my own.

John Cooper: So truth is another price you pay.

Mustapha Mond:    Truth…  There was plenty of truth and beauty before the wars, while men were devising insane new ways to destroy each other, it was horrible.  But then most historical facts are unplesant aren’t they.

Bernard Marx:    Then what about John, sir?

Mustapha Mond:    Nothing.  John is the exeception that proves the rule.  He proves that our system is so stable, that we can even tolerate a savage in our mist.  If he were banished, or re-engineered, some people might ask “are we missing something?”  No… in this Brave New World we can all have what ever we like, and personally I like him.

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