FCC to Citizens “No Comment”

by wonderfullyrich on October 29, 2008

So the FCC want’s to change the intercarrier compensation levels without public comment on Election Day (Nov 4).  It looks like they are trying to slide a regulation change in while the hub-bub is about the presidential race.  The proposed change would, so far as I understand it, burden the little guys so much many would have to restructure or close.  This while the big guys stand to make millions.

What you ask is the intercarrier compensation level?  This is the rate that your local telecom pays another telecom when you call from say San Diego to Schenectady.  They have to connect your phone line to your friend via several lines in sequence to get it there, and no suprise, they charge for those connections. The big players have networks that are large enough that they don’t depend on other providers to get all their out of state calls through.  (If you call from Denver to Minneapolis, it’s all one network to them)  But a rural or small wireless telecom depends on the large carriers to make sure your call get’s through, and the intercarrier compensation is the rate they pay to make it happen.

According to the NARUC there have been lots of arguments about this intercarrier rate for years, but they haven’t come up with a consensus plan.  This rate change has just shown up out of the blue.  If you have a min, it’s worth urging your senator (or your soon to be senator), that FCC Docket 01-92 needs Public comment.  This is the link to a listing of senators:


What I can’t figure out is where this proposal came from.  Why then did the FCC all of a sudden decide this was a good idea?  Did a lobbyist push for it?  Do they think they can slide it in with the presidential election making most of the press?  Questions that puzzle me.

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