Like leaves falling off a tree

by wonderfullyrich on September 28, 2008

For those of you who didn’t know, I’m back in school.  I’m taking one class at a time via Colorado State University’s Global Campus, aka online.  I haven’t done school work in 3 years or more, and I still hate ignorance, stupidity, and dumb learning as much as ever, but I’m not getting any younger and I need the piece of paper if I plan on not being a technician for the rest of my life.  It’s feasible I could do with out it, but it’s worth it because if I manage to pull this off, I’m quite sure I’ll have learned a few new tricks.

I have however had to make some changes.  Today, I’m at the office, where I study most effectively, but realizing that going to a party to visit friends not seen for a long time effectively killed my ability to focus and think today.  I’m taking the opportunity to chime in on my blog before I head home to rest and try and attempt to pre-read something useful.

Leaf by leaf, my social life seems to be preparing to hibernate.  I’m cleansing my room of distractions as I can.  Rolling up or shifting my computer based hobbies as best I can.  Staying away from beer and alcohol so I can remain focused and stable.  Re-regulating my sleep cycle to be as restful as possible, and hopefully changing my circadian rhythm.  All of this doesn’t allow much for a social life outside of work.  I may go crazy, but I’m hoping I can put mini brain vacations in there.

We’ll have to see how effective I am.  I already know that my method of learning is not the most efficient thing in the world, but given a more mature outlook, using SuperMemo, and being careful about my times of Flow I think I have a better chance of success then I’ve ever had before.  Assuming of course I can put up with dumb teachers who believe in Pseudo-Scientific BS like the MBTI.  (It’s a valid concept, just poorly implemented.)

Gotta remember, “Say what the teacher wants to hear” and focus my rage at ignorance and stupidity  (including my own) on making incremental changes that will add up…and probably venting in journal entries or to family/friends.  (Many apologies!)

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