What a day… what a life!

by wonderfullyrich on June 11, 2008

It’s 8:30pm Eastern Standard Time and I’m writing a quick post before I walk out the door for home.  It’s been an amazing time lately and I haven’t said much about what’s going on in my life.

Two big deals today were that I submitted a website I created to the popular blog BoingBoing.net as well as others  order to convince Amazon to stop the DRM maddness on Audible.  DRM for those of you who don’t know is a form of software protection that doesn’t allow you to play/listen/read/watch certain content on anything but approved device and attempts to disallow copying.  It doesn’t work and is crippling the industry that support it. 

In the last 6 hours I’ve gotten several thousand unique visitors on my my call for DRM-free Audible, while getting nearly 500 signatures.  I’ll likely get several hundred more as the night wears on and more importantly, Amazon will get the message that it’s time to stop the DRM. 

The second was a one hour web-chat with the directors of the Harold and Kumar series of movies that we at FCNL just did.  It turn out to be a hoot and good work.  We got interesting and fun questions in for the evening.  The final question from David at Reason Magazine was via a friend of mine and turned out to be the best of the night!

All this and I’m still just barely moved into my new house and although I think feelings are finally settled somewhat there, I’m still running like a hot CPU with lots of projects on my table.  Andrew’s got a new web project that I’m trying to help him build for people in Burundi.  I’m working on a few computers to get to him as well, but I leave in 9 days for Cyprus with Angela.  She’s off in Nambia and I haven’t heard from her since Friday, which is a little worrying (she’s probably fine, just out of cell/internet contact).  I just came back Sunday from NYC, where I spent the weekend trying to clear my head.  It definitely did clear my head and recenter me, but on top of all of this I may have caused another emotional storm with a friend that I’m trying to sort out in my own head.  So….

Life is fun.  My take away is that we can change the world.  The DRM-free advocacy is something I believe in (although its a minor point), but was just as much the personal experiment a thought process I’ve been trying to make happen for a while.  Real webs are cheap and now more flexible then ever, so let’s use them to get information to the people, and the feedback from the people, on an individual and micro-organizational level.  Power to the people.

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