We have a house

by wonderfullyrich on May 21, 2008

A little late sorry, but we did choose a house.  It’s 3 blocks away from our current house.

Now the fun of moving 8 people out of the house, 6 people into another house, and settling the new house.  Thankfully the new house is uninhabited, so although we can’t actually sleep there, we can move our stuff in, which is exactly what we will be doing this weekend and the next weekend.  Oh I’d like to mention that this is a house with 8 people in it, but the accumulation of stuff is by something around 23-5 people over 3 years.  We also have to scrub it down and clean it out, and oh what I wouldn’t do for a cleaning robot right about now…

Also it’s now 30 days till I fly to Cyprus! (June 20)

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