In between the doom and gloom springs hope

by wonderfullyrich on May 6, 2008

My life right now is a tunnel vision of DC, governed mostly by living in a district where national policies are decided, but feel handed out. As I was laying in bed moments ago, I was prompted to arise by a thread of thoughts which reminds me how much we as a represented people need to change this cirrhosis of a democracy. What we need, and what the people want, is innovation and reconciliation. It’s not just change that we want… No we don’t just want the greener grass of a different president and a better congress. What we want, is to see things of a different pattern inside the beltway. Bi-partisan ideas, bills,existence, that innovate and truly work on the crisis of environment , economy, education, diplomacy, etc. Of course this has all been said before, but what made me get up out of my bed is a different idea. One that only a person with the tunnel vision of DC is likely to have.

Rather then getting fed up and pissed with politicians that are more then 90% likely to get re-elected (should they choose to run), what we need is a bi-partisan effort by all of the partisan lobby groups, think tanks, and PACs of this country to engage the people. Of course as I write it, the grandeur of it seems to fall flat a bit. Think though of this. Take MoveOn and Focus on the Family and get them in the same room with thousands of people. I don’t want yelling, I want impassioned and useful dialogue, so bring the best mediators you can find and let’s start putting real issues in front of real people. Let’s reconcile the pundits, the people, as well as the politicians…

I was originally thinking about a smaller target, say FCNL policy people and a few think tank types from the Heritage foundation. Still not so easy, but more interesting.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a dream. I know it’s a dream, but the best part about Dreams are things that should give you hope. Now perhaps I have hope to sleep…

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