Fire on the Ice

by wonderfullyrich on May 13, 2008

Once again Andre get’s the ice scoop.

Apparently the smurf shack at the Pegasus Airfield in McMurdo Antarctica decided it was tired of the cold and lit itself on fire to warm up…

it’s a frustrating 30-minute ride out to the airfield, watching the flames. we’re told that the smurf shack is a total loss, but there’s two fuel tanks in danger of the flames, about 700 gallons of fuel in total. i start going over in my head what the procedures will be, assign tasks to the crew. an old joke goes through my head, of a report i tried to write…”the sun hung low in an cloudy sky as we rounded the corner, and i felt the old familiar stab of fear run through me….”. the boys were excited. as we got close, i had them pack up.

when we arrived on scene, i assumed command of the situation, gave my update to dispatch. the hut was gone, but there was a fuel tank on each end of a burning sled. the larger of the two tanks had flames spewing out the top of it, the smaller tank threatened by smaller fires at its’ base. our first goal was to knock down the larger blaze, smother the larger tank, and then turn to protect the smaller tank. dombrowski was driving, pulled the truck up on the leeward side of the wind, flipped the switches that activate the fire package. all was going well to this point. cav and breitenfeld were ready for their turn, we just needed the turret first. but nothing happened. there was no agent coming from the turret….

While there is an earthquake in china, the aftermath of a typhoon in Burma, McMurdo just put itself on the disaster map.  More like an asterisk on that map, but it certainly grabs at your attention.  (Sort of like a fire on Mars.)

P.S. I have no idea what the smurf shack is.

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