Grandma’s back to being feisty.

by wonderfullyrich on February 21, 2008

I realized probably lost a few people when I jumped from my grandma dealing with death, to FISA and our civil liberties, so I wanted to catch you all up on my grandma.

She’s quite alive and being as feisty as a grandma should be. She’s on dialysis on a regular schedule of Monday, Wednesday, Friday in an outpatient facility, which means she’s back in the board and care facility and out of the hospital! She’s lost 40lbs of weight (mostly excess fluid) and continues to have more fluid pulled and gain strength as her body has been brought back into a more sustainable balance. They’ve also got the pain management routine down with Norco and a Morphine drip before and during the procedure.

I’m hopeful she’ll be around for many months to come, but as this should illustrate things tend to tumble fast and furiously at the slightest reason. I’ve obviously returned and am settled back into work (as the FISA posts should illustrate). I do plan on returning in a fairly short period of time for a follow up stay.

I want to thank you all for your support and letters of concern, they were much appreciated during the past few weeks.

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