How to spend the night in Anchorage

by wonderfullyrich on November 16, 2007

So my couchsurfer that I set up didn’t come through when I got to Anchorage, no biggy, just changes plans.  The town is empty from tourists so finding a hostel wasn’t hard, and it wasn’t ridiculously expensive.  The catch is that it’s  a bunk room so other people are there and they have a curfew so I had to be back by 12.  Considering I didn’t know anything in Anchorage I didn’t think that would be hard, especially given the downtown anchorage area is extremely walkable and to small to get to lost in.

I checked in, settled for a bit, and then went wandering.  Tried to find the most interesting looking dive bar and think I succeeded for my purposes, landing at Darwin’s Theory.  Found out later that this wasn’t for Charles Darwin, but another guy named Darwin around Anchorage who is apparently fairly well known and who has a thing for a drink called a fireball.  Cinnamon schnapps, vodka (I think), and a squirt of tabasco.  As Jim Carrey said in The Mask says “That’s a Spicy Meatball!” and my sort of drink.  Darwin apparently likes to run rounds of this drink all night long when he’s around so they have a whole shelf of cinnamon schnapps.   Thankfully I only had one as it was a long night without getting that wasted.

Watched the Arizona v. Oregon game and people watched, and then started talking to a few of the characters.  Long story short, I ended up following a bunch of college types to the Pioneer bar just down the street, and although it was a grand blast of a time where conversation were varied and wonderfully interesting, I didn’t get out in time for the midnight curfew.

So it’s below freezing I’m locked out of my room until 8 am, now what?  Go to village inn and hang out.  I mostly managed to stay awake, but by this time I’d gotten 2 hours of sleep the night before my flight out to Anchorage and maybe 30 mins on the plane.  That was a ridiculously long night. 8 hours in a restaurant (without coffee, insane I know, but I didn’t think I could handle being wired and jittery).

Did learn a few things, Senator Ted Stevens is an ass.  Well I didn’t learn that, but it was re-enforced by reading a rather biased article on him in the Anchorage Daily News.  (They named the airport after him, what sort of stupidity is that!?!?)   Also learned that some Big Oil types like to eat breakfast there on Friday mornings.  Conoco Phillips, BP, and others have large office building here and are rather influential.   Strange to be sitting next to them sort of reading the paper and passively listening in to them talk about engineering plans, firing people, quality control, dripping pipelines, etc.  Especially considering the conversation I mentioned in my last post, the thoughts of how much decisions these people are making influence public policy and our day to day transportation.

Anyway, I got back to the hostel and managed to get back into my bunk, but forgot they close the rooms from 10am-4pm.  I slept till 11 or so.  Hopefully I get more sleep tonight as I have to be at the airport at 7:30am for my trip to Kotlik.  Oh I will mention that I am either getting old enough not to need as much sleep, or the tactics on remaining coherent with sleep deprivation which I posted in my blog are really effective, or more likely both.  I’m not 100%, but I’m more or less functional (which continues to amaze myself).

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