Ready for Denver

by wonderfullyrich on May 30, 2007

Sort of funny that reading Laura Rip’s blog has me thinking about blogging myself. I think it’s just the distance between my life and hers and the perspective that gives, but none the less I couldn’t help but crack up at her describing a lunch as “eating a burger the size of my head” and still being cold afterwords. I had images of that old McDonalds burger they used for kids advertisements in my head whilst she chase him down (lettuce, ketchup, and tomatoes falling all over), finally cornering him, devouring his tasty head, then shivering and chasing the fries down.

I think it’s sort of the slap happy painful exhaustion that helped this image along, but wait, I’m not in the city that never sleeps, so why would I be exhausted? It’s summer for god sake! Oh right, your supposed to go outside enjoy the weather… So I did, but it didn’t help.

Saturday, my brother’s friends Niel and Kevin from GW were in to DC for Memorial day weekend and we all went and played vball down near the FDR Memorial. It was hot, we forgot to bring the sunscreen, I haven’t played in almost a year, and I managed to kick-off some tendinitis in my shoulder. I took something like a 1000mg of Aleve on Monday plus lots of ice and sleep (which has slowly diminish). Of course now I am limited the left arm usage and I’m supposed to move from one room to another before i leave for Denver friday, hmmm…. Oh and did I mention I’m an irritable ass when I have pain wandering around in the background? Really good stuff for when your trying to meet people and decide on your new roommates, sign a lease, and generally be coherent and polite. Burnout???

It’s been a fun month I’ll say. Glad to be done with it. Ready to be on vacation, figuring out if Angela stayed in the same beach house I did in Koh Tao, catching up on more of Rip’s hamburger eating experiences and perhaps creating a few of my own involving a brand new tractor my grandfather bought, maybe more vball (not seeming to likely), and hopefully sleeping like a log, or perhaps doing absolutely none of it! (‘cept the sleep)

Cheers everyone, and welcome to summer!

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