Cool summer breeze…

by wonderfullyrich on February 15, 2007

I know this is probably too much for most of you as whether your in Colorado, California, or Washington DC your undoubtable flopping about like a seal in Antarctica whilst I speak of an Indian summer here in NZ. I don’t mean to prod, or well maybe I like it a bit, but with so many of you wanting to hear from me, I really can’t help pointing out the biggest environmental difference between here and there.

So I’ve arrived in Nelson now after 22 hours on 3 planes plus a 5 hour drive from Christchurch to Nelson. All of that was worth it as I’m always amazed at how much this place is a microcosm of the parts I enjoy most about America in a well wrapped package. Except better given the laid back atmosphere with the friendly people, the tasty alcoholic Ginger Beer (called Ginger Tom made at Dux de Lux in Christchurch) and of course the right hand drive, which is actually rather fun to me now. Did I mention that you can get the Ginger beer in take-away 2 liters? (actually you can do that from any bar in virtually any container) heheExcellent Smithers…”

Between the classic environment and the interesting people finally meeting in person (Always nice to put a name to an alias), i’m having a ball. Still trying to get situated to figure out how I can contribute to in a useful way, but i’ve got a few weeks to work that out and achieve it. Oh, if you’d like a video tour of the house I’m at, check this out!

Can I also say that I’m looking forward to seeing some of my ice buddies coming off the ice over the next 2 weeks. 🙂 Classic stuff and probably good reason for me to head back down to Christchurch for a time… well that and the ginger beer.

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