Sydney and Mari Gras

by wonderfullyrich on March 5, 2006

Seat of the pants traveling can mean that sometimes you are in the right place and the right time and still miss everything. For those of you who didn’t know, Mari Gras was celebrated in Sydney 2 nights ago, but I totally missed it. Not only did I miss the actual parade, but some how I missed my airplane to Melbourne as well. Thankfully nothing is that big of a deal anymore. I did get to see the craziness at Kings Cross in Sydney (which is where my hostel was) and the debauchery and insanity of a party night. I even manged not to spend a bunch of money, but I was sad to have missed a parade and grouping of 500,000 people in the middle of Sydney. Maybe next year, or maybe not… 😉

I did get out and see some of the normal tourist attractions in Sydney, although I had a headache for most of the day so it wasn’t the most pleasant walk I’ve ever had in a city. The opera house is cool, and so is the Rocks, but I think I like the birds the bests. Wild numbers of strange birds that wander the Royal Botanic Gardens. Some sort of Peacocks, cranes, strange sea birds, and of course bats! Lots and lots of NOISY bats. Supposedly they were sleeping, (as they certainly weren’t hunting), but dear god they make a beautiful cacophony.

Oh yes and I did see Bondi Beach, but I didn’t spend more then 5 mins there, as I had to get off to my plane. I’ll be back some day though. Sydney’s a fun place, but it needs to be enjoyed with friends…

In the meantime I’m spending my time in Melbourne with my old roommate from CSU who’s now going to Monash Uni. We’ll get around and maybe I’ll have some interesting stories to tell. Here’s a few of the great pics I took while in Sydney. I’ve been having great fun just shooting a few pics at a time, the ones that inspire me, so tell me what you think.


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