Happy New Years!

by wonderfullyrich on January 1, 2006

Happy new years from the south side of the planet. 
It’s Monday on ourside now, but this was the last of our two day weekends here and for me it was an amazing bash.  I’m glad it’s Monday as it’s time to rest and work.  Especially considering I’ve got plenty of video projects on my work platter to finish up and put out.  The big event of the weekend was IceStock 2006 which happens every year during the New Years Holiday weekend.  This is really more like two simultaneous events.  A chili cook off and a music festival.  We had 12 bands play for 6 hours outside while the chili was being served up and the judging was going on.  Capturing the whole thing on tape was my job and after two 2 hour naps (that’s right 4 hours of sleep) I was a tired little boy by 6pm last night when Ice stock ended. 

Why was I so tired?  Hmmm… well it’s not hard to imagine that I was partying like a rock star (much as everyone else on station was).  Surprisingly enough though I was a bit more timid then I was at thanksgiving if the hangover is any indication.  I did manage to get drunk 3 times in a 12 hour period, i.e. I started drinking Friday during the normal bar period here, then went to bed for 6-7 hours.  After I woke up worked a bit (I now have to change the movies out) then went to a phenomena called Day Bar from 10am-12:30pm.  Yep, Day Bar rocks.  It’s ostensibly for the night shift people who need a bar during their "night," however what’s nice about a two day weekend is that day shift people can join in the fun.  It’s open from 6am-12pm, but I’m quite thankful I only did 2 hours of it as I was in rare form after daybar.  I went to brunch and people who’ve not seen me having fun being a drunk, got to see this rare side of me.  What fun I had before another 6 hour sleep, just in time for the regular New Years Eve Parties…

Oh what fun it is to be in santarctica, with glee! 😉

So needless to say life was much fun here in Antarctica over the last 48 + hours.  I’ve got video and pictures that I hopefully will send/post at random intervals this week.  I think you’ll especially want to see what we did to a MilVan and how much fun it was, but maybe not, maybe some of the great bands we had at IceStock will be the hit. 

Oh I need to mention two things.  One is that I got packages last week. Yippeee!  Thanks everyone who’s sent things over the last two months, then candy, food, letters, cards, pictures, and everything else was wonderful! 

Have a happy and safe new year!

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