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by wonderfullyrich on January 9, 2006

So I’m a little late in mentioning this.  We have a bunch of DVs in town and they’ve been hogging the galley, kicking people out of Hut 10, flying to the south pole for a day, taking a chopper out tot the dry valleys, and generally making a ruckus of town. Thank goodness they leave tomorrow.  As I’m writing this they just finished their final reception.
I never did get to see these guys, other then a few Doctors and assistants with their cute yellow name tags (rather then our standard white tags).  I don’t think they brought much in the way of secret service, as the seem to be using the military for security, but I don’t know much.  Just thought you all might like to gawk at the list… 🙂

From: Hobday, Eric
Sent: Thursday, January 05, 2006 11:33 AM
Cc: Carsillo, Tami
Subject: DV Reception invitation



As you likely know, we have a DV group of US Senators and Members of the House of Representatives who will arrive on station January 6th and leave on the 10th. The DV’s will host a reception Monday night with their constituents. Therefore, if you live in one of the States the Senators represent or if you live in the district of one of the Representatives and wish to attend the reception, please send your name to Tami by the end of the day on Friday. The size of reception is limited. Therefore, depending on how many constituents there are, we may have to randomly draw names.


The Senators and Representatives are:





John McCain                 AZ

Susan Collins                ME

John Sununu                 NH





Sherwood Boehlert         NY        24th District

Roscoe Bartlett              MD       6th

Bob Inglis                      SC        4th

Phil Gingrey                  GA       11th

Darlene Hooley              OR       5th

Robert “Bud” Cramer      AL        5th

Lincoln Davis                 TN        4th

Brad Miller                     NC        13th

Jim Costa                      CA        20th

Ben Chandler                 KY        6th


I look forward to seeing you at the reception.


Eric Hobday
McMurdo Station Manager
Work  2486
Home 2403
Pager 860


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