Perspective shift

by wonderfullyrich on December 9, 2005

According to the donut of misery I’ve been here for 10 week which really doesn’t seem that long.  Another stat that you can see is that I’m supposed to be here for another 10 weeks or so, and I’ll be that’s going to fly by.  This though isn’t the reason I’m mention it, rather I find myself stuck in a transition between having a perspective of a new an unfamiliar place with so many questions and new experience to one of homeliness and familiarity.  Less often am I being struck by the novelty of this place and the sever differences that we live in here.  Indeed I have been finding harder and harder to expound upon things in the artful manner that I did when I first arrived, not for lack of topics (as I’ve taken many notes) but because I think I’ve fallen into a routine here and I feel as if I have more things to do. 

This isn’t to say that I don’t see amazing things on a daily bases (storms moving in, "god spots" in clouds, mass causality incident drills), nor does things like seeing a plane land on the Ice or a helicopter beat it’s way into the air ever get old, but the mundane things of life do seem to be catching up.  Indeed this isn’t to say that I’m getting overtaken by a mood here, I’m still having more fun and happier here then I have been in years.  My life is just taking a turn for the less cerebral.  I’ve been trying to relax and enjoy my time here, hang out with new people, go see all the things here, learn a few new skills, run, become a yogi master, and work…or what we call work.

Basically I think things are slowing down here for a bit and I’ll be slowing down here with it.  December is a crazy month in terms of activities and holidays, but not much work ends up getting done.  All the beakers are heading home right now to be home for the holidays.  The new batch will be back in January as will the vessel.  In the meantime we just keep on trucking with a few minor projects, bidding our time till the pace picks up.  This means we’ll be parting like mad.  And me I’ve got my party in too.  (The 19th is a Monday and since the bars are closed, we rented one–i.e. the coffeehouse–for several of the December birthdays)  I think I’m just going to have fun with it and lower my blog entry pace from once every three days to once a week or more (depending on what strikes).  Hopefully you all don’t mind to much.  Feel free to email and provoke me into something. 🙂


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