Notes from Summer Camp

by wonderfullyrich on December 4, 2005

Today is another a beautiful day in paradise. Low winds and high temps (+32 ambient) with no clouds for hundreds of miles. Should be a nice mud pit later today after the ice on the roads unfreezes. Might even be a good day to wander out to Willy (Williams Field) which is where they just moved primary air operations to over the weekend from the Ice Runway. They just open the Willy road as a solo recreational activity while closing the Ice Runway road to solo recreational activity (we now need another person and a radio to go out there).

This year is one of those odd years where we had a runway so close that it was only a 10 minutes ride from the middle of town to the ice runway, as normally it’s a bit longer. They couldn’t find good fresh solid ice this year except for where the icebreakers ran in a big circle to allow the boats to turn around, which is fairly close to the station. I figured you guys might want to see a picture of what the Ice looks like this time of year. This image is 2 days old and shows rather clearly how thin the ice is getting this year and where the Icebergs are this year. Last year at this time instead of allowing the ice to flow out to sea, the icebergs were holding the fast ice in the sound and making the ice brittle and unstable when it refroze. That’s happened for the last several years and this is bad for penguins, seals as well as us, as apparently the more clear water the sound gets the better the habitat is for the wildlife that is here.

This map has a few more features then we normally get, (just used MS Paint and made it quick so it’s a bit crude). With this you can see where the Ice runway is approximately, where the edge of the fast ice is, where Black and White Island are and what this place looks like from above. I can’t put Willy Field in here as I’m not entirely sure where it is, but I think it’s somewhere near the “K” in the Black Island annotation. Pegasus Runway is up near the “I” on the same notation I think, but I’m not sure again. I also put an annotation of where B-15 was last year (I’m not quite sure about the annotations yet, B-15J is a different berg or broken off part of the same berg though). From this you should be able to see why the ice wasn’t able to get out last year (this isn’t a representational drawing, as I think B-15 was drastically bigger then that). If I had a different satellite image I could show you why the Icebergs like C-16 and B-15J tend to get stuck in that spot next to Ross Island. Basically the circling currents and the wind make that a spot for icebergs to get stuck.

Other then the happening of stuff around summer camp, the camp itself has been uneventful. I’m feeling much better now and life after sickness is returning to normal (now that I’m on Antibiotics again). Oh and the reason I’m calling this summer camp now is that Lori, the X-Ray tech here, made a good observation that this place is like summer camp. It seems like a big deal while your here, but you don’t think about it a lot until next year when your getting ready to go back to it, just like summer camp of old. Not to mention it is summer down here and I’m not sure what the world would do with us if they didn’t send us to summer camp for the winter. 🙂


P.S. Billam has informed me of where the weekly Situation Reports are stored in the public folders which contain, among other things, the cost per person per day the galley spends on us. I was wrong it’s not 8 dollars per meal, it’s 8.38 dollars per DAY year to date. Up from 5.45 per day when Bill was here earlier this year.

Budgeted Daily Food Allowance

This Week


Expenditures (all requisitions)



Food Issues (all food that has not been served in Dining Facility)



Adjusted Expenditures (Requisitions minus Food Issues)



Cost per Person per Day (Adjusted Expenditures divided by total muster for week)



Cost per Person per Day:

(Total Expenditures, including Food Issues,

divided by total muster for year)


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