Long Duration Balloon called CREAM launches…

by wonderfullyrich on December 15, 2005

And I was there with an HD video camera on top of ob hill shooting it!  To bad it launched at 5am this morning, especially considering we thought it was going to up at 6pm, then 10pm, then 12pm-1am, then… Oy!  Ralph and I, oh wait, Ralph is one of 2 Raytheon employees who’s supposed to work Air Force Radio and Television Service otherwise known as AFRTS, anyway Ralph and I walked up Ob Hill at 1 last night and hung out for 4 1/2 hours shooting random video of a fog that was rolling in and other establishing shots while we waited for this balloon to fill up and take off.  Thank god I brought my HAM radio as we would never have known when it was going to take off, we listened to the radio traffic between LDB and Williams Field tower all night long.

I could not have had a more fun time last night even in spite of being awake for 24 hours, cold, and hungry.  (I fixed two of those and took a shower, now I’m at work)  Bloody hell that was fun! 

Oh and a little background on this balloon. CREAM stands for Cosmic Ray Energetic And Mass Balloon Experiment and is a really bad joke around here.  It’s a 2 ton payload, and will rise to 130,000+ (or about 26 miles) feet staying there for something like 30-40 days.  Needless to say the balloon that holds this thing is huge.  It starts fairly small, but becomes the size of a football field by the time it reaches cruzing altitude.  The balloon itself is only the thickness of sandwich wrap.  Sound crazy?

I’d say they aren’t the ones who are nuts, we’d videographers are the insane ones, but maybe that’s the sleep deprivation talking… hehe giggle oh right what was I saying.

Oh, so you’d probably like the video… 🙂  To excited to render this into MPEG1 to hopefully windows Media Video format (.wmv) will work for you guys.  It’s only 18mb so it should be a short download for most.  http://www.wonderfullyrich.net/Photos/theice/Chipotle%20and%20Ralph%20Shoot%20LDB%20Launch%20from%20Ob%20Hill.wmv (Long name was for the I Drive)  2.5 mins, 18 mb and it doesn’t have any sound.  Not overtly exciting, it’s just a rough quick grab of the climax of 4 hours of waiting so it might be more special to me then to you.  (although it is seriously cool!)


P.S.  Oh and put "CREAM Antarctica" in google and you’ll find out more about this puppy.

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