Science Lecture: 20 years of an ozone hole

by wonderfullyrich on October 28, 2005

I’m posting one of the science lecture I attended on my website. It’s a two part mp3 (lecture and Q&A). I’ve also put up the video they referenced plus a link to the website with the overhead ozone animation which is better then the one I took.

-The lecture recording is available at McMurdo Lecture: The ozone at 20 years
-The Q&A of the lecture is at McMurdo Lecture: The ozone at 20 years Q&A|
-The video of the balloon going up is at Dr Mercer Ozone Balloon
-My video of the ozone hole video is available at Ozone Hole or you can try and find it at

Unless I can find a new way to do this, it’ll be a while before I get more lectures. I lost my iTalk so I’ll try and get the videos of the lectures, but maybe not the podcast. Hope you all enjoy 20 years of a ozone hole 🙂


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