Funny vehicles around here…

by wonderfullyrich on October 25, 2005

So I want to show you all a few of the funny vehicles around here, and maybe I’ll get around to taking some pictures for you.

A traffic jam around here generally involves vans and trucks here with runway dozer, a tracked forklift, wheeled loaders, fire trucks, and this weird re-invention of the wheel called a mat-track on trucks. Once I get the map up for the walk through you should see the major intersection in town where this 3 vehicle traffic jam can occur, but I haven’t stopped laughing every time I see a wheeled forklift stop at our stop signs for a mat-track truck.

Here’s a bit of video for you.
You get to watch a Mat-track in action as it drives by Building 140 (The post office, the Movement control center, the Mailroom, and Central Supply). Near the end of it in the background you will see Ivan the Terra Bus, which is generally one of the first sights people see as they arrive on the ice after stepping off the plane

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