Lost in politics…

by wonderfullyrich on November 3, 2004

So it’s not even really election day. It’s 2 hours after election day and right now it looks like ohio is going to be this election’s florida. I’ve been watching the polls close doing my own projection and early on I realized how close this was going to be and how much this was going to depend on ohio.

My current prediction is that in the end Bush has won another term. It’s going to be close, but he’s got the popular vote and may have the electoral vote soon.

This being said, I’m not moving, yet… I said that if Bush won a second term I’d move out of the country. I have since changed my mind and realized how luck I am to live in a country where although the electoral vote system is ridiculous and the country itself is so focused on morals as to be driving itself into the drain, that the system works. If you go to El Salvador or places in Africa, Canada, Australia, or even Mexico, the system is questionable. The bureaucracy exists like they would anywhere, but unlike many countries we live in a society where having a 2-3 hour wait at the social security office is a hellva lot better then employing a professional “waiter” to wait in line for you over the next 18 hours. Our economy although prone to bubbles has raised the standard of living in this country to a level at which it’s not ever been at. The poorest people in america are drastically better off then the poorest of most other countries and even could be considered lower middle class in other countries. I still hate the system. I still thing the lack of forward thinking is ridiculous, but for now I am going to work towards the goal of changing the voting system. Help America Vote Act passed in 2002 was shit and didn’t fix it. We can an must do better.

I’m not sure how I’m going to deal with the fact that I’m living in a nation that believes morals matter more then life and humanity, but I’ll have to learn to cope with it. They believe that morals equal life and humanity, but how ignorant this populous is. Technically educated and afraid of knowledge. Willing to be entertained, but destine to be obliterated. Where for will our young find the money to pay for the national debt? Will we force another nation to arm itself and rise to power in an attempt to quell america’s domanice? Will rebellion from the inside occur?

All are thoughts that pass my mind, all are questions that have depressing thoughts. Do I work on this world with anger at the ignorant or live in bliss and be happy while destroying it?

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