Waiting out history…

by wonderfullyrich on October 26, 2004

We live in an odd nation in a beautiful world. A nation fighting with itself over a leader who will decide a course of action. One nation condemned to repeat a past that most do not understand. History today is used in snippets to dictate perception whether that be one of reality or not. Technical knowledge of how to accomplish something and what to do with it are key in this society is a glorified ideal, whereas the why and history of a subject seem less useful. Pursing knowledge in a general way provides for a development of context. There is so much knowledge today that many avoid context preferring instead to escape reality and leave the thinking to others. Information overload. This is a fear itself, not to be able to understand enough to be credible. Given the outlet of television, movies, radio, and media, we may be understandably eager to divert ourselves from the reality in which we live. Even more understandably (and perhaps even more disturbingly) we rationalize ourselves into believing that those outlets are reality.

The most poignant example is perhaps that of television from another nation. Watching latin American television from a country outside there could lead you to believe that all women are well busted, flamboyant, macho, and alike, but having visited one central American country (who’s impression of the US came from such places as Bart Simpson) it is amazing how much we delude ourselves.

Reality is perhaps more bleak and purposeless then fiction, but true told can be stranger then fiction. Understanding history, gaining knowledge of our surroundings, putting a why to the how, might give us more satisfaction then having our faith shaken by more incidents of terror, dought, famine, hurricanes, and the harsher realities of life. For it is this that will happen if we let the reality continue to happen around us why we live in world we create.

Perhaps I am to harsh. Perhaps it is just that knowledge is itself develops responsibility. Perhaps by leaving the knowledge to others we allow others to be responsible. How ironic if true, for no matter of who is responsible, an extinct race does not exist. Nature has no sense of responsibility. It simple goes about process of existing based on the rules god set forth. Perhaps god is responsible…but can we wait a billion billion years to find out?

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