Thoughts 2/11/03 11:18 PM

by wonderfullyrich on February 12, 2004

My mind is still always wondering what is really going on with nature. What we do isn’t consistent with nature and if we don’t shape up and unify, entropy is going to win. The books and thoughts I’m having still have me thinking about the forest because of the trees. I don’t wander down the sidewalk wondering about my date, I wonder how blind we as humans can be to the adversity and power we have to save ourselves and still eventually survive. Or even how long we can really survive if the current inequities with nature don’t kill us.

I still think about justice and how justice is part of the problem (justice is violent and part of the cycle). I still think about trying to save the race by making it save itself. I compare the idea of helping one person learn from his own mistakes (realizing that much of the time, the person has to be willing to change or learn) and think that the challenge is insurmountable.
I’ve just heard a quote saying that aggression and cooperation are the reason we are on the top of the food chain, while the result of aggression may kill us all as technology and knowledge makes it possible. How do we eliminate the will for violence yet maintain the will to survive?

What can one with one idea do? Do I have the force of will to make it happen or must this be an evolution? Can it be done by many? Are we ready? Is the question null in the face of billions of worlds in the galaxy, billions more galaxies in the cosmos, and perhaps more then one “universe.”

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